Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

When you're young everything feels like the end of the world. But it's not, it's just the beginning. You might have to meet a few more jerks, but one day you're gonna meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Like the sun rises and sets with you.

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Before you can grow up, you must fall in love three times. Once, you must fall in love with your bestfriend, ruining your friendship forever. This will teach you who your true friends are, and the fine line between friendship and more. Once you must fall in love with someone you believe is perfect. You will learn that no one is perfect, and that you should never be treated as anything less than you deserve. And once, you must fall in love with someone that is exactly like you. This will teach you about who you are, and who you want to be. And when you're through with all that, you learn that the people who care about you the most are the ones that you hurt, and the ones that hurt you are the ones that needed you the most. But most of all, you learn that love is only a concept and is not something that can be defined, it is different to each and person on this earth , knowing that everyone only wants to be loved.

Too bad people didn’t fall in love at the same pace, at the same time, for the same reasons, and too bad those emotions didn’t move simultaneously. But each act of madness moved at its own pace, one not dependent on the pace of anyone else. It wasn’t like tandem skydiving, where you were connected as you fell, where you were forced to fall at the same rate and use the same parachute. Falling in love was a solo act. I knew that, had learned that the hard way. You just jumped and hoped your parachute opened. Sometimes you looked up and saw you were falling by yourself, the object of your desire still on the plane, not interested in jumping, watching you descend into that scary place alone. Nothing in the world is permanent, and we’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we’re still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it.

Now i know who you are

Too many bad people in this world. So confused why they have to play with me? What I got wrong to you? What I've bad to you? Hehehe I know games you both. I'm really disappointed. Especially to people I have ever loved. God's very good to me. So that gave me the evil you know, even if it's just a "joke" but you can hurt someone you know? Now I know who you are. Thank you so much for you I know a lot about the meaning of life. I hope that will never meet someone like you in the future:-)

Selasa, 13 September 2011

John Clayton Mayer.

John Clayton Mayer born October 16, 1977 is an American blues musician singer-songwriter, recording artist, and music producer. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. Entah kenapa gue suka banget sama cowok satu ini dan lagi tergila gila jeileh tergila gila hahahha di meja sekolah banyak kali yang gue tulis john mayer dibukulah haha John why you look so fuckinnnn awesome uuuu! Berawal dari gue denger lagu dia di salah satu radio nah gue suka banget sama lagunya yang berjudul "All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye" pas habis gue denger di radio gue langsung search di 4shared. Gue juga langsung nyari nyari info, foto pokoknya biografi tentang doi. Dan pas gue liat fotonya *glek* you're so fuckinnnnn awesomeeeeeee!!! Udah ganteng pinter lagi dan suaranya ituloh hee. Gue suka banget sama lagu lagunya dia dan lagu yang paling gue suka yaitu I'm Gonna Find Another You, All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye dan Comfortable. Hem I think he's the real men. Bener bener cowok Idola sekali hihi. Kapan ya punya pacar yang kayak dia? Hampir mendekati perfect sekali hehe. Sayang banget John ngga mau konser di Indo :-----( padahal berharap banget dia konser di Indo. Mau bagaimana pun ditunggu ya John, aku padamu :---* :3 {}

John Clayton Mayer

Background information
Birth name John Clayton Mayer
Born October 16, 1977 (age 33)
Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.
Origin Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S.
Genres Blues rock, pop rock, acoustic rock, blue-eyed soul
Occupations Musician, songwriter, record producer, columnist, graphic designer, photographer, comedian, television host
Instruments Guitar, vocals, omnichord, piano, vibraphone, harmonica, percussion, flute, clarinet, violin
Years active 1998–present
Labels Arista, Aware, Columbia
Associated acts John Mayer Trio
Website johnmayer.com

Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

I get this from Tumblr!

There are people.
Who tell me they love me.
And then do something hurtful.

Right the next moment.
I don't understand this concept.
It makes me go out of my mind.

Why can't they just say they hate me and then do something hurtful?.
Then it all would make just much more sense to me

Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Tugas Tik!!!!!!!!

  1. Grafis adalah kombinasi kompleks antara kata-kata, gambar, angka, grafik, foto dan ilustrasi yang membutuhkan pemikiran khusus dari seorang individu yang bias menggabungkan elemen-elemen ini, sehingga mereka dapat menghasilkan sesuatu yang khusus atau sangat berguna dalam bidang gambar.

  1. Grafis vektor adalah objek gambar yang dibentuk melalui kombinasi titik-titik dan garis dengan menggunakan rumusan matematika tertentu.

  1. Grafis Bitmap adalah objek gambar yang dibentuk berdasarkan titik-titik dan kombinasi warna.

  1. a) Contoh file vektor adalah .wmf, swf , cdr dan .ai. Dan sering dipakai dalam membuat logo, animasi, ilustrasi, kartun, clipart dsb.

b) Contoh bitmap adalah .bmp, .jpg, .gif.

5. a) Software yang digunakan untuk membuat gambar vektor antara lain: CorelDRAW, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, dan lain-lain.

b) Software yang berbasis bitmap adalah Adobe Photoshop, Paint, CorelPhotoPaint, dan lain-lain.

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